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Testimony  Solycome

Taeke HALMA  is an industrial Designer curious and attentive. Curious by need for his profession, but also by nature, which leads him to understand the why, we not always are able to express in a consistent fashion.

Careful, also, regarding , the ideas and the people who will work with him, because, as a freelance designer, isn’t a loner. He knows that his art is to be a precursor, a recycler, a generator of ideas and a conductor, who will have to bring into harmony the notes played by actors  as dissimilar as technicians, sales representatives, sub prescribers or customers, who are the ultimate goal.  A beautiful product, well designed, that works and makes the service that the customer expects, at the right price.  Eric Loge, technical manager, Raphaël CORREIA, head of development  and Max POYET, Solycome & SRMB company sales manager.

Testimony  Ludec group Se’lux

Thanks to its experience in industry in general and public lighting in particular, Taeke Halma is a natural partner for Ludec.  The result is the first fruit of our collaboration: the collection of architectural luminaires AXEO and HEKA and dedicated brackets  c    » Laurent Guillonneau  –   Sales & Marketing director of Ludec »

Testimony Joël Thomé Philips Lighting 

Head of product development at Philips Lighting in the early 2000’s, I had the opportunity to work with Taeke in development of new professional products ranges for outdoor lighting projects. These product lines have met with a success on the market, largely thanks to the work done by Taeke on the industrial design. However, his contributions where not merely aesthetic. Indeed, knowledge on products, materials, and the industrial creation and design process allowed him to provide significant added value to all strategic and operational activities throughout the projects. Marketing and product development teams have particularly appreciated his ability to integrate technical and economic constraints but also to challenge technical solutions in order to offer high quality products to the market