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Taeke Halma  A  Dutch Designer with a studio of industrial design in the area of Lyon France.


. 25 Years experience in handling  Industrial Design inside or outside companies such as Whirlpool Domestic Appliances , Philips Electronics, Philips Lighting , Artemide ,  Selux  and Solycome .

. An experience based upon a multitude of function profiles , from product designer & manager to the integration of product design & product development .

. Product creation, market analysis, innovation management and industrialization in main countries in Europe, Holland (native), Germany, France and Italy.

. A field experience directly related to various market realities in converging industries , such as consumer electronics,  domestic appliances and lighting .

. A realization and industrialization mainly in Europe with variable production volumes up to  12,000,000  per product design and family lines.

. Extended product life-cycles from 10 to 20 years.

. Expert in industrial design in Europe on the cycle user, innovation and physical attraction.

. Specialist in the product creation process within a business context .

. Multi cultural expert .