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Déléos identity



The design concept is based on several primary axes :

. Form & identity. 

The shape of the luminaire with its circular light «enclosure” creates a visual synergy between the past and the future with a contained and refined design identity.

. Eco design and durability.

Luminaire eco conceived and integrating all elements to create an extended life cycle greater than 10 years & a real fusion between the idea, the form and the functional content.

. Perceived  quality.

The design and development process focused from the beginning on a high level of perceived quality. The simplification of forms and mechanical details, specific surface treatments, such as anodizing and using powder coatings, the creation of self-cleaning aspects created a luminaire that will not be altered in time and maintain its light performance.  Specific  finishes have been applied in collaboration with Akzo-Nobel, and Dupont.